From the Chairman

Modern  societies  have  seen an  outstanding  scientific  and technological  evelopment accompanied  by  a  rapid  growth in  other  economical,  social and  urban  fields.  Although  this revolution  in  transportation, transportation  systems  and  the increasing number of vehicles and advance  in  traffic  have  positive effects  on  our  society,  yet  the inability to manage and organize that  properly  poses  a  threat  to all  the  world  and  especially  to developing  countries.  To  cope with  this  problem,  Emirates Driving  Company,  in  Abu Dhabi,  has  launched  a  training curriculum  for  all  categories of  driving  licenses  that  aims  at improving  the  driving  education and  driver  skills  applying  the most advanced training methods and  sophisticated  teaching materials. 

Dr.Tayeb Kamaly


The EDC signed contract with  (Phoenix Advertising)

The  Emirates  Driving Company,  one  of  the largest  car driving teaching  rofessionals  in the  Emirates,  has  signed contract  with  Phoenix  for Advertising,  to  launch an  advertising  ampaign aiming  to  support  the company’s  efforts  in delivering  the  best  and  the most  efficient  services  to its  students  and  customers .

Dr.  Jihad  Sebetah,  General  Manager,  has announced: We  have  perceived    great  increase  in  the  popularity  of  our company  during the past  few months,  and  this was due to  our expertise and well established reputation combined with the great efforts, progress, expertise  and sincere commitment demonstrated by Phoenix Advertising in aunching the campaign achieving big Success.



Training private driving school’s trainers

Striving towards the implementation of modern principles and rules of training, and  enabling  our  students  to  acquire  the  utmost  of  skills  and  experience  in driving while emphasizing on spreading the awareness regarding traffic culture, Emirates Driving Company is launching training lessons for the employees and trainers of the car driving teaching companies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Lessons will be held in the company’s site at al-Mussafah, for more safety and security purposes.

Emirates Company assures that the mission and aim underlying this  advanced  training  is  to
submit  its  noble  message,  that is, to elaborate on the standards of  driving  skills  and  to emphasize the concept of traffic culture awareness in the light of the  rapid  evelopments  taking place  today  in  the  mobility  of traffic  vehicles  in  the  United
Arab Emirates.

Emirates Driving Company...Back-to-School Compaign

An  effort  to  contribute  to  Traffic  awareness,  and  within  the  framework  of  the back-to-school campaign, Emirates Driving  Company  with the collaboration  of the General Command of Abu Dhabi  Police  held  a  series of lectures on Traffic Awareness in Al Butain school, on Sunday, 10 / 09 / 2006.
The outcome of this participation  Reached  Out  to revitalize the knowledge  and awareness among students and motivation of intellectual awareness regarding the distinction between right and wrong by showing several models of mock errors in general practice, and methods of dealing with them. Al Butain school board praised the important educational information viewed in the  lectures and expressed admiration for the material submitted in the lectures in order to achieve the main essential objective, which is traffic awareness and providing the maximum of safety and security.


The Syrian Ministry of Transportation Visits Emirates Driving Company

The  Syrian’s  Ministry  of  Transportation delegation  has  visited  Emirates  Driving Company  on  Sunday  17/  09  /  2006.  The delegation was  headed  by ngineer.  Muhyi al-  Deen  al-  Hafi,  Associate  Director  of Transport,  Dr.  Riyad  al-Khalifah, Associate Director  of  Road  Transport  and  Engineer Mahmoud  Asaad,  Associate  Director  of the  Rural  Transportation  in  Damascus . The meeting took place in the company’s headquarters in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. During the meeting, the participants discussed the fraternal relations  and  ways of  promoting aspects of  joint  cooperation to serve  the  public  interest.
They  also reviewed the developments  taking  place  in  the  company  and  emphasized the values and  the  message which the company asserts in order to access a safe and free of accidents roads, and the pursuit of maximum safety in order to limit the number of disastrous road accidents, and to spread the awareness of traffic culture. The delegation also expressed admiration with the level of the remarkable achievement of this mission and praised the efforts made by the company to achieve the fundamental objectives of this educational establishment.


Emirates Driving Company Blood Donating Campaign



Emirates Driving Company has organized a compaign for blood donating with the Collaboration of the Blood Bank at its Headquartes in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday and Monday (2 & 7 /08/2006). The Blood Bank tearn has praised the great participation of Emirates Driving Company's management and emplyees for donating and attending this humanitarian work, thus practicipating in achieving big success. This comes in according with the Company's policy towards supporting the humanitarian activities taking place in the Emirates, and helping those in needs for blood and help in saving lives.




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